eSpeak - Documents




Voice Files

Voice files specify a language and other characteristics of a voice.

Mbrola Voices

eSpeak can be used as a front-end for Mbrola diphone voices.

Pronunciation Dictionary

  • How to add pronunciation corrections.
  • How to build up pronunciation rules for a new language.

Adding a Language

How to add or improve a language.


The list of phoneme mnemonics for English, for use in the Pronunciation Dictionary.

Phoneme Tables

The tables of the phonemes used by each language, with their properties and sound production.


Different intonation "tunes" may be defined for different languages for clauses which end in full-stop, comma, question-mark, and exclamation-mark.

eSpeak Library API

API definition and header file for a shared library version of eSpeak.

Markup tags

SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) and HTML tags recognized by eSpeak.

The espeakedit program

GUI software to edit vowel files and to compile the phoneme data for use by eSpeak.